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Wheelchair shopping bag.

Seeking an environment friendly shopping bag for wheelchair users. This page is currently under construction and may be a little while before getting completed. It will basically be about my quest to find an alternative shopping bag rather than using plastic carrier bags. Many of the alternative reusable bags I have found not to be very practical to use. I believe other wheelchair users face these difficulties to. Have I found an answer to my quest or has an answer found me? Watch this page to see how my quest proceeds. 


Photo of wheelchair with carrier bag. 

The photo above shows that a carrier bag is quite practical to use for shopping purposes along with carrying other goods for wheelchair users like myself. Most supermarkets have plastic carrier bags of similar design that are quite easy to place on the handles of a wheelchair. Sometimes I put two or three carrier bags on the back of my wheelchair when going shopping. Plastic carrier bags are not very strong they easily become split or damaged and then get thrown away. This is not good for the environment and can provide dangers to our wildlife. Alternatively supermarkets offer reusable shopping bags however I have found the design of these bags to be not so practical to use see photos below.


 Photo of wheelchair with reusable bag on one handle. 

Reusable carrier bags I have found to be not so practical for carrying shopping and other goods. If I place the carrier bag on one handle of my wheelchair the bag will get caught up on the wheel. (See above Photo). Most of the reusable carrier bags I have come across have the handles in the middle of the bag and this makes it difficult putting one handle of the carrier bag on one handle of my wheelchair and putting the other handle of carrier bag on the other handle of my wheelchair. (See photo below). You can see from the photo below that because the handles are placed in the middle of the bag it means twisting the bag to get one handle each side of my wheelchair. This can make it hard to fill the bag up with shopping and can easily damaged items in the bag.


 Photo of wheelchair with reusable bag hanging on both handles. 

While I can get this bag on my wheelchair and do small amounts of shopping with it some reusable carrier bags seem virtually impossible to get on my wheelchair. Because the bag is twisted round if I fill the bag with too much weight when I transfer from my wheelchair to my car seat. The wheelchair can tip over before I get the shopping bag off. This means the bag goes crashing down to the ground and the wheelchair falls on top of it. So not ideal for carrying eggs or fragile things. If the handles of the reusable bags were placed at the sides it would enable the bag to hang evenly. This means that the bag contents wait lies flush to the back of the wheelchair and is less likely to tip over when I get off the wheelchair.


A Morsbags solution.

I was looking at the Newhouse Farm forum when I came across a thread of messages titled "Damn plastic bags!" So I left a message mentioning the difficulties I have finding suitable reusable bags for my wheelchair. Rather than using plastic carrier bags that are easy to place on my wheelchair.

Pol founder of Morsbags, left a reply to my message offering to make me a morsbag designed for use on my wheelchair. I sent measurements with the link of this page with the above photos to assist with the design of a suitable shopping bag for my wheelchair. A little while later I received the specially designed morsbag for wheelchair use in the post. When I took the morsbag out of the envelope and held it up to have a look. I knew it was going to fit my wheelchair perfectly. See the photo below.


 Photo of wheelchair with morsbag on.


Hopefully this is just the beginning for the Morsbags, design for a wheelchair shopping bag. Enabling disabled people to help the environment and stop using the plastic bags. I'm hoping to provide more information about Morsbags and the morsbag wheelchair shopping bag designs on this page in the near future. I will finish for now with a most important thank you to Pol and Morsbags for making me a very valuable bag.





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